Get Viasat home internet

or call 1-855-393-3302

Get Viasat home internet

or call 1-855-393-3302

Get Viasat home internet

Viasat home satellite internet dish installed on roof

Quick and easy satellite internet installation

Enjoy Viasat Internet at your home, typically installed

within 3-5 days

Watch the video below to learn more about the installation process.

professional installation

Professional technicians ensure optimal service

Viasat's professional, certified satellite installation technicians are specially trained to find the best placement for your satellite dish (about 30 in. x 28 in.), which will be securely mounted on the side of your home, roof, or on a secure pole mount near your home (standard installation options*). This will help ensure a clear, strong connection to our satellite for the best possible internet service.

installation tailored to your home

We use the right installation for your home

When standard installation options don't give you the best connection, a non-standard installation option such as a non-penetrating roof mount or an under-eave mount may be recommended so you get the best internet experience possible. Installation of your service, including the satellite dish, typically takes 2 to 3 hours.


Here are some examples of satellite dish installation locations

*If your equipment requires a non-standard option, there may be additional charges at the time of installation. For example, an installer may charge up to $75 for a pole mount.

Frequently asked questions

A Viasat-certified technician will discuss site requirements with you, such as a clear line of site to the southern sky, and will help you choose the best location for the dish. Someone over the age of 18 must be present during installation.


The main equipment you need for Viasat Internet is an official Viasat satellite dish, transceiver and bracket assembly, a Viasat internet modem, and the related cables and hardware. This equipment is supplied by Viasat and will need to be returned at the end of your contract.


The Viasat satellite dish is about the same size as a satellite TV dish. Viasat Wi-Fi modems and gateways are about the size of a large book. Our new Viasat Wi-Fi modem and gateway also includes a built-in wireless router.

A Viasat dish does not necessarily have to be permanently installed on your home. In many cases, your dish can be installed to a 4-foot pole mount, which is mounted on the ground near the home. Fixed options include a roof mount, wall mount, brick mount, side mount, under-eave mount, and stub mount.

No, Viasat customers cannot install their own satellite dishes. Installation requires a trained technician to make sure that the dish is pointed at the satellite accurately and to verify that all connections are properly made.

Before scheduling an installation, you will need to check your landlord or homeowner’s association (HOA) to see if they allow the Viasat satellite dish. The Viasat dish is governed by the FCC Over-the-Air Reception Devices (“OTARD”) Rule. The Viasat dish has the same classification as other residential dishes like satellite television dishes. It can be mounted on your home unless your landlord or HOA specifically prohibits dishes of any kind.