Systems integration and automation

Viasat's system integration team designs and develops customized  telecommunications, fire, gas and safety solutions for large capital projects, anywhere in the world.

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Global communication infrastructure, fire, gas and safety for remote operations

With 24/7 Day 2 live monitoring and technical support through our Global Customer Care (GCC) Network Operations Center (NOC), Viasat’s team of internationally dispersed service centers can provide support for our customers’ range of communication, security and safety requirements. Through these solutions, Viasat provides best-in-class integration and deployment of communications systems during capital construction projects for processing facilities and industrial sites.

Our portfolio consists of:

  • Front end engineering design (FEED)

    Viasat’s Front End Engineering Design (FEED) is the baseline for project success, focusing not only on the budget but the specific technical needs of your remote facility. At this stage, Viasat will consult with you to help customize solutions for telecommunication requirements that fit the need of your project after conceptual design or feasibility study is complete.

  • Detailed engineering design

    With Detailed Engineering Design, Viasat partners with your organization to design and engineer services for your project needs. Each project is assigned a highly skilled engineering design team consisting of experienced telecommunication professionals.It is the leading advanced real-time machine learning-based analytics engine.

  • Project management

    Viasat has a dedicated department of highly experienced and motivated project managers. Each project is assigned to a project manager who handles both internal and external project scheduling and budgeting using a range of software applications that
    will track each detail during the project timeline.for specific teams, giving permissions to read or to edit as needed.

  • Equipment procurement

    Our engineering department procures all equipment through our worldwide network of manufacturers to ensure full compliance with your operational specifications and final engineering design. As an independent systems integrator, independent of any specific manufacturers, Viasat takes an objective procurement approach, allowing us to acquire the optimum equipment for each project and budget requirements.

  • Factory acceptance testing

    Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT’s) operates from a dedicated Custom Integration Center, equipped with the necessary tools and facilities to assemble, connect, and integrate the system components based on the engineering design drawings approved by the client. The Integration Center is capable of staging equipment FAT’s and full System Integration Tests, or iFATs, which can be witnessed by clients before packing and shipment to the project site.

  • Quality management

    To ensure the highest quality management of each project, Viasat’s business processes are governed by ISO 9001 ISO 18001 and ISO 14001 certifications: we are committed to the highest standards in design, engineering, project management, procurement, integration, installation, commissioning and after-sales services.