Unmatched vessel communications, internet and data services

Viasat is your optimal partner for achieving ultra-secure cost-effective networks and software applications to help increase total fleet returns, improve vessel performance, and safeguard your crew.

Connecting your fleet, anywhere, anytime

Viasat streamlines the flow of communications and information onboard, onshore, and across your fleet for greater operational efficiency at sea. From crew welfare and morale to scalable and reliable core communications, to the ever-growing need for IIoT and automation enablement solutions, Viasat provides rugged and innovative connectivity services.

  • Industry leading ‘always-on’ connectivity

    Improve vessel performance and ensure the greatest value from every nautical mile with our global network of reliable coverage that enables both IP connectivity and IIoT networking capabilities.

  • Optimize fleet utilization and total returns

    From coastal support to global long-haul shipping, Viasat gives you the flexibility to adjust your network to better accommodate the size and location of your vessels.

  • Broadest portfolio of crew connectivity services

    Ensure crew welfare and improve morale with personal phone accounts, Wi-Fi access and video media; Viasat provides a range of intelligent and flexible service plans to help meet and manage crew connectivity and informational services.

  • Activate intelligent operational analytics

    Leverage big data with powerful, intelligent machine learning analytics that improve fleet performance and reduce operational risk.