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Scalable, enterprise-grade airline document management software

Viasat Aerodocs allows you to transform your existing operational and OEM documents into a dynamic, searchable knowledge base. Designed exclusively for the aviation industry, Aerodocs is built for complex aviation operations, and to scale as your documentation needs grow.

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Streamline secure collaboration

Connecting flight operations from cockpit to control center

Aerodocs aligns the document collaboration, approval and distribution process across flight operations, with a powerful XML editor, manual revision approval workflows, controlled document distribution, and enterprise compliance iPad EFB and web viewers, all while ensuring that staff have the information they need at the time they need it.

  • Speed the revision cycle: securely collaborate, review, revise, publish, and distribute.
  • Ensure compliance: control and track distribution to pilot EFBs.
  • Share content across documents: update once, reuse many times.
  • Promote sustainability: reduce paper and weight, save on audit costs.

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