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Wherever your mission goes - from blue water to littoral environments

Strengthen your C2 capabilities.

As current maritime threats are becoming faster, stealthier, and more maneuverable, Viasat provides vessels with secure and resilient integrated maritime communications solutions; from SATCOM terminals and services to LOS shipboard communications systems, to software that reduces the risk of operational cybersecurity exposure out at sea. If a mission requires flexible maritime-based, connectivity, Viasat is your solution:

  • Stream radar and ISR sensor data from ship-to-shore
  • Securely capture & distribute sensitive operational data to onshore counterparts
  • Trusted operations, information sharing, & actionable intelligence

Powering maritime missions

When lives hang in the balance, mere minutes can make a world of difference in the success or failure of Search and Rescue (SAR) missions. Whether it's searching for missing persons in dire situations, or trying to locate lost aircraft, maritime vessels, or wreckage, Viasat’s real-time HD video and broadband maritime communications services can deliver incredible operational advantages, can speed the pace of progress and increase the likelihood of success in SAR efforts around the world.

As threats are evolving to be faster, stealthier, and more maneuverable, Viasat's beyond-line-of-sight and line-of-sight solutions enable enhanced naval operations for connected autonomous, manned, and unmanned maritime systems (UMS) with both surface and underwater capabilities.

Naval and border operations often require maritime interdiction efforts to disrupt or destroy threats before they do any harm. Viasat delivers real-time HD video and broadband communications for maritime interdiction missions, such as airborne surveillance and video analysis of waters for suspicious activity, boarding suspicious ships, performing search operations, and detecting and intercepting pirate or smuggling vessels — often in hostile environments. Worldwide maritime interdiction missions can count on Viasat's maritime satellite communications and line-of-sight networking technologies to provide the real-time communications needed to help intercept contraband, prevent drug and human trafficking, and fight piracy.

Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions have become a cornerstone of modern military operations, answering the commanders' and warfighters' need for critical, accurate, timely intelligence information for fast and effective decisions. With strategic and tactical ISR missions powered by Viasat’s SATCOM or line-of-sight data links, commanders on shore and ships at sea can securely access and analyze high-definition ISR full-motion video, sensor data, and maritime communications in real-time.

Naval forces operating across the globe require real-time, reliable connectivity that enables more effective forward deterrence and rapid response. With Viasat, carrier, expeditionary, and strike and missile defense groups can count on our secure, on-the-move satellite and line-of-sight communications capabilities for enhanced situational awareness.

End-to-end capabilities out at sea

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Viasat’s resilient network and mobile SATCOM systems connect those in the air, on land, and at sea with real-time information necessary for making critical, split-second decisions.

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Viasat’s 30+ years of cybersecurity and data protection solutions include Type 1 end-to-end encryption and managed services to help safeguard proprietary and classified information.

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